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Nanny Satisfy

(FUMP, Duplex/TH)

Nanny Satisfy is a professional DJ who has been tearing up the local Thai scene with her edgy mix of House and Techno sets, able to flawlessly switch it up from funky deep house to thumping hitting techno grooves, her range can shift any dance floor from begging to the end of the night, satisfcation guaranteed!

Nanny is an active name in Bangkok and you will see her spinning frequently between venues, clubs, pool parties and bars. Notable places she has brought her sounds to include Kick Club, Pirate Arena, Rex, Curve, Mustache, VHS, The Rat and has held residencies for Above Eleven, Blue Parrot, Duplex and FUMP.

A local Thai star well on the rise, packing a punch to the senses with a sweet edge just like candy for the ears, don't take your eyes off of this DJ. She is currently a resident and member of the FUMP family.