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BLAC Koncept


BLAC Koncept is a 196cm tall enigma serving up futuristic tribalism, funk, soul and powerful beats guaranteed to make you shake ya thing. As a DJ and producer he has played to packed dance floors at legendary Australian clubs such as the Bass Station, Melbourne Techno Massive, Pure Flow, Every Picture, Psynapse, Virus and Kronik. He has also performed at festivals such as Earthcore, Earth Frequency and Dark Forest. He is the founder of FUMP and cheif resident artist.

He has been putting smiles on faces and asses on d-floors for over 25 years now within the music scene. Some of the international Techno luminaries he has opened for include Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Eric Powell, DJ La Di Da, Dave The Drummer, Artech, Knobs and Hefty.

BLAC has a second alias under the name of James BL_K which is for playing House music, and he was a resident for the exclusive Veludo's Club and teamed up with DJ and producer Benjamin Phillipe Zulauf under the moniker ‘Dirty Soul Bruthas’ to release on Dutch imprint Minimal Records, which featured the soulful vocals of Candace Monique. The track was well received in the house scene and made the rotation of Saw Records owner DJ Hector Romero.